teleradiology technology

Teleradiology Technology

StatRad’s Teleradiology Technology Solution

StatRad’s Teleradiology technology solution, combined with 24/7 technical support, ensures extremely high availability to avoid any disruptions in service. Studies do not disappear or fall through the cracks with our teleradiology technology solution, and we have multiple ways to ensure there are no delays in patient care. Reports are always sent to the correct department or posted to your RIS or PACS, eliminating the need for your technologists or staff to wait for results. We license Kakadu Software for compression and rendering, which helps us maintain some of the best transmission times in the industry.

Reporting Capabilities

Joint Commission and CMS standards require hospitals and other accredited organizations to monitor any third-party providers that are involved in patient care. At StatRad, our teleradiology technology makes the monitoring and annual decision-making process painless for you. We offer many different statistical reports so you can easily monitor our turnaround times, major and minor miss rates, and compliance with your stroke program guidelines and communication of critical results.

Our statistical reports ensure that each radiologist has read an acceptable number of the various modalities that might be required by your hospital bylaws. All systems are database driven and reports are easily created, facilitating administrative decisions at the hospital or department level. Should you need additional information, we offer customized reports at no charge. We can send automated reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Our statistics are always accurate and are backed up with extensive documentation.

Data Redundancy

With a fully redundant system located at two separate top tier data centers, all data is backed-up to ensure continuous operations during an unexpected outage or a natural disaster. With an extensive network and high-tech infrastructure, we maintain an industry-leading uptime of 99.99%.

HIPAA Compliance

StatRad built a comprehensive infrastructure to protect patient information and adhere to all HIPAA guidelines. In fact, our encryption protocols and system infrastructure exceeds HIPAA standards, ensuring that your patient’s data is always safe, secure, and protected.

Getting Started with StatRad

We pull out all the stops when setting up new clients to begin streamlining workflows and providing state-of-the-art efficiency right from the start. We don’t take short-cuts—best-in-class servers are installed on-site, and redundant systems, power and connections are in place at our data centers. This ensures that there won’t be any unexpected hitches in data flow. Setup of our teleradiology technology solution is always completed at no charge.