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StatRad develops forward-thinking teleradiology solutions to make life easier for radiology groups.

Patient Care

StatRad is a trustworthy extension of your team, you can feel secure leaving your patients in our hands. 

History of Success

We have been partnering with radiology groups since 1995, providing superior customer service.

Quality of Service

We have never lost a customer due to quality and provide transparent reporting 24/7 365.


Ensuring secure systems is pivotal in today’s cyber world, as a technology company we are top of the line in security.


Our sole focus is to provide teleradiology services, becoming a true extension of your team.


Top-notch radiologists providing quality reports at lightning speeds.

The Image of Innovation

As pioneers in teleradiology services, StatRad continues to develop forward-thinking teleradiology solutions to make life easier for radiology groups. With proprietary software, we create custom workflows to streamline processes, increase efficiencies, and deliver measurable results.

By combining our technological advantages with our unmatched level of service, our teleradiology services help radiology groups lower costs, reduce discrepancy rates, and improve patient care.

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Our previous teleradiology providers couldn’t hold a candle to StatRad — who has provided us with capabilities we never thought possible.

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StatRad has become our clinical partner in excellence. As a Level One Trauma Center, the University of California at Irvine has a diverse and complex case mix. StatRad excels at improving processes and provider communication so that results reporting is delivered quickly and clearly. Our ER, administration, and own radiologists have been highly impressed with the quality of StatRad’s service.

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I think StatRad’s technology platform is the key to their success. We can view a dashboard that looks sort of like an airport arrival and departure screen. It shows us exactly what is happening with all of our reports at all times. It tracks critical reads, and all the data is readily available to us. The reports are very easy to create and pull out of the system. The StatRad technology also makes QA very easy to handle. Our QA issues are addressed right away.

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The speed of StatRad has been excellent. We get our reads back really quickly, and the turnaround time is right on pace with what StatRad promised to deliver. Sometimes it is even shorter. They are also great with the detail and quality of the reads. Theirs has been an excellent service.

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StatRad is unbelievably fast with critical reads. They are very patient focused, which is unusual for a teleradiology company. Our ED physicians have been pleased with StatRad ever since we switched to them because our critical-read times have been cut almost in half.

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Now our ER team can rely on a StatRad radiologist phoning in results to them almost immediately.

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We left another firm to begin using StatRad. StatRad was more affordable, easier to work with, and just had better service. We felt that StatRad was going to take better care of us, and they have.

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We are very happy with StatRad’s teleradiology services. We use them for preliminary reads every evening and for one full day on the weekends. Their report quality is excellent, and their turnaround times are always within the contracted terms. Any discrepancies, which are few, are handled very expeditiously between our radiologists and the StatRad physicians. Our ER physicians are very happy with the report quality and turnaround time. Overall, this has been a very good relationship.

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I have been very happy with our group’s decision to work with StatRad. I have been most impressed with their technology, which is straightforward and easy to use, and their turnaround times, which are well within the contracted times. I would recommend StatRad to other radiology groups without hesitation.

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We get really good feedback from all who work with StatRad. They feel like partners with our group rather than a separate group. They are good for us, and we trust their work as well as their service.

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Our go live last year with StatRad was essentially flawless, and we saw immediate, favorable, and positive results the first night in terms of our turnaround times. Our emergency department was ecstatic with the turnaround time. We went to mere minutes versus the hours that we contended with before. The conversion to StatRad was very good. The go live with StatRad was very good, and the results of going with StatRad have been very favorable.