StatRad is an innovative teleradiology provider with a technology solution that gives you quicker image uploads, faster turnaround times, and more efficient workflows. As a pioneer in the teleradiology industry, we are happy to talk to you about your unique needs and see how we may be able to help you.

Built for Radiology

StatRad’s technology platform was specifically built for teleradiology. Most other teleradiology providers purchase solutions from other companies and then tweak them to work in the teleradiology environment – which often results in complicated procedures and inconvenient workarounds. StatRad’s technology has been customized to meet our teleradiology clients’ unique workflow.

Single Worklist
A central worklist shows all exams that have been pushed from your facility. Choose which exams you want us to read and fill out our simple online form.
HL7 Interface
You also have the option to set up a bi-directional HL7 interface for orders and results.

Online Client Portal. Available Anywhere, Anytime.

The Online Client Portal makes it easy to view exam reports and images or check the status of submitted requisitions. There is nothing to download so the portal can be used anywhere. Simply login from any computer or secure mobile device.

Completely Transparent Reporting
Run reports and get instant access to the information you need. Clients have 24/7 access to all the data stored in our system including turnaround times, study counts and discrepancy rates. Reports are easy to create and allow you to monitor our performance and make sure we are providing the required level of quality.
Submit Requisitions Online
Technologists can submit requisitions to get exams interpreted using a simple online form, no longer worry about faxes or paperwork. A central worklist shows all exams that have been pushed to StatRad from your facility in the last four hours. Choose which exams you would like us to interpret and our internal workflow automatically begins. This also eliminates the possibility of exams being read twice. Everything is tracked electronically so you can view the status at any time.
Online QA Reporting
Using the portal, clients can submit discrepancies for preliminary reports using the simple input form, check the review status of a discrepancy or run statistical reports on discrepancies.