About StatRad

A Trusted Teleradiology Company

Privately owned by radiologists, StatRad is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in the industry and forging long-lasting relationships with radiology groups. Unlike other teleradiology companies, we will not compete with our clients for a hospital contract. In our Declaration of Commitment, you get more than a description of our partnership—you get a legally binding contract that states we’ll never compete with your group for business. By working with you based on your unique needs, we’re able to build partnerships that foster trust, enhance communication, and deliver results.

Culture of Innovation

In 1995, StatRad started as a collaborative partnership between local radiology groups to provide greater coverage after normal business hours through teleradiology. As an early innovator, we developed proprietary software that was unlike anything available from other teleradiology companies at the time. Today, we maintain our pioneering spirit by delivering one of the most advanced teleradiology solutions on the market.

Built for Teleradiology

StatRad is dedicated to moving teleradiology forward by delivering forward thinking technologies and services. By offering custom technology and intelligent workflows, we’re able to help radiology groups streamline processes, lower costs, and improve patient care.