Patient care is at the core of what we do as a teleradiology service provider. We continually improve processes and workflows to enable our radiologists to provide the best patient care possible. Whether you need preliminary or final reports, you can be confident that our teleradiology services will meet the needs of your radiology group and the Emergency Department staff at your hospital.
Physician-to-Physician Communication
Rear view of female doctor has a conversation on telephone and examining x-ray images on computer monitors while working at the table at office

Your staff will never get the run-around when asking to speak with a radiologist. With our no-hassle VoIP system there is no need to remember cell phone numbers or reference a report to find a number to call.

Connect with StatRad central office and speak with a radiologist as if they were on-site
Documentation is provided as an integral component to the StatRad solution
All calls are documented, and activities logged so any issues can be properly researched and reported
Stroke and Trauma Coverage
outside view of the emergency department at a hospital

StatRad customizes processes and understands the requirements for each JCAHO Certified Trauma, Primary Stroke, and Comprehensive Stroke Center client in order to match the process that has been put in place at the hospital.

We follow strict protocols to ensure we provide the highest quality service and communication

A StatRad Radiologist will verbally communicate critical value results to the patient’s doctor, and all communication will be documented on the patient’s imaging report

We provide client portal tools and stroke study procedures to help you deliver exceptional care to stroke patients

Female doctor sitting at a table with her pregnant patient showing her an ultrasound picture of her baby on a laptop.

The StatRad teleradiology quality assurance program provides multiple layers of safeguards to ensure quality control is embedded in every aspect of our operations. With third party reviewers, spot-checking, and administrative oversight, quality assurance remains a cornerstone of our service. Our administrative staff and radiologists are monitored through spot-checking systems daily.

Miss rates and a sampling of cases are reviewed on a monthly basis to ensure top-notch performance
Client Portal offers ad hoc daily QA monitoring
Fully accredited by the Joint Commission
FDA 510(k) clearance as a registered medical device manufacturer, StatRad is one of the only teleradiology providers that built an in-house PACS
A futuristic design of a circuitry panel with LCD displays showing source code. The image represents an abstract design in the domain of computing, software, engineering, security or similar advanced technology. This image is a made up 3D concept render.

StatRad offers market-leading security infrastructure, HIPAA and HITECH compliance, and customer-specific encryption keys to ensure data is safe and secure. All data is stored in the Windows Azure Blob Storage Service, compressed and encrypted in the cloud before transmission.

AES-256 bit file encryption and compression are used to protect privacy
Cloud architecture with multiple geo-redundant data centers – 99.99% uptime
As an ISO certified organization, StatRad adheres to strict requirements for its security and quality management systems
    • ISO 27001: 2012 Certified – Standard for Information Security Management System
    • ISO 13485:2016 Certified – Standard for International Quality System Management
Technical Support
High angle shot of a group of IT guys working in an office

StatRad teleradiology services come with 24/7/365 in-house technical support. We constantly monitor our customers’ systems, so we know about any issues right away, and we can work with your IT department to fix them before the nighttime rush in the emergency department.

check marks on paper with pen

Our Medical Staff Office is accredited by the Joint Commission, which can help you save time and money by accelerating the credentialing process and eliminating unnecessary paperwork.

Whether you want to put our radiologists through the full credentialing process to grant medical staff membership or simply use our paperwork to grant clinical privileges, we work with you.

We’re able to provide you with primary source verifications, licensures, CMEs, and medical staff applications
Your medical staff office will have a single point of contact to work with if they need any additional paperwork or signatures

Implementation Process

1. Getting Started

Getting started is easy!  Sales will coordinate a continuity call with you and experienced members of our Client Operations Team.  The Ops Team will guide you and the hospital staff step-by-step as they work with each department – Radiology, IT and Medical Staff – to get you up and running.

2. Implementation Execution

The Client Operations Team will provide you with weekly progress emails throughout the implementation process to keep you up-to-date on each department’s progress.

Radiology- Whether they’d prefer to fill out our questionnaire and then simply be updated on our progress, or have weekly recap meetings, we will customize to their needs.

IT- We have a simple questionnaire and white-paper outlined with our needs and to answer their questions.  Image transmission is key, but we also have HL7 interface knowledgeable staff to accommodate report generation, if needed (additional fees may apply).

Credentialing- Our staff works efficiently to get the MSO the required information to get our radiologists on staff.  Ask about our Joint Commission accreditation and how that may help expedite the process.

3. Go-live Checklist

  1. Technologists and Administrators trained?
  2. All technical testing has been completed to satisfaction?
  3. StatRad radiologists have received clinical privileges to begin reading?
  4. Memo provided for the ED to notify of change to teleradiology/nighttime service?
  5. Additional modifications required by radiology group or hospital were established?
  6. After Go-Live, you will work with the same staff for any post-support needs!

Turnaround Times

At StatRad, we take our teleradiology turnaround times seriously. With sophisticated software and streamlined workflows, we make it as easy as possible for you to get expert interpretations quickly. Every exam is treated as a STAT exam, which allows our radiologists to maintain turnaround times that our customers expect.

Turnaround Time Reporting

As a StatRad customer you can track our performance within our Online Client Portal, which provides completely transparent reporting of our turnaround times. There’s no reason to settle for slow teleradiology turnaround times when there’s a faster alternative. StatRad’s radiologists are dedicated to providing fast and accurate reads that help you deliver best-in-class care.