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Teleradiology Services

Patient Care Focused Teleradiology Services

Patient care is at the core of what we do as a teleradiology service provider. We continually improve processes and workflows to enable our radiologists to provide the best patient care possible. You can be confident that our teleradiology services will meet the needs of your radiology group and the Emergency Department staff at your hospital. StatRad radiologists are available to provide preliminary or final reports 24/7/365.

Physician-to-Physician Communication

Your staff will never get the run-around when asking to speak with a radiologist. With our no-hassle VoIP system there is no need to remember cell phone numbers or reference a report to find a number to call. You can always connect with StatRad central office and speak with a radiologist as if they were on site. Documentation is also an integral component to the StatRad solution. All calls are documented and activities logged so any issues can be properly researched and reported.

24/7/365 Technical Support

StatRad teleradiology services come with around-the-clock proactive technical support. We constantly monitor our customers’ systems, so we know about any issues right away, and we can work with your IT department to fix them before the nighttime rush in the emergency department.

Turnaround Times

StatRad teleradiology services include sophisticated software and streamlined workflows, that help you get expert interpretations quickly. Every exam is treated as a STAT exam, which allows our radiologists to maintain an average turnaround time of less than 20 minutes. Our average turnaround time for a stroke study is just 7 minutes. Clients can track our turnaround time performance within our Online Client Portal, which provides completely transparent reporting on turnaround times, study counts and discrepancy rates.

Quality Teleradiology Services

StatRad’s extensive Quality Assurance program provides multiple layers of safeguards to ensure quality control is embedded in every aspect of our operations. With third party reviewers, spot-checking, and administrative oversight, quality assurance remains a cornerstone of our teleradiology service.