StatRad® Forms Parent Company NucleusHealth™ in Corporate Restructuring Move

NucleusHealth to expand teleradiology capabilities, manage explosive growth and launch new image streaming technology and pure cloud solution for managing medical images

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a corporate restructuring move to be unveiled at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2016 Annual Meeting, StatRad today announced the formation of NucleusHealth. The newly created entity will focus on expanding StatRad teleradiology services while commercializing new image streaming technology in a pure cloud-based solution for managing medical images under the soon-to-be-introduced brand.

“During our 20 years of pioneering technology for our teleradiology business, we have advanced the underlying cloud and streaming technologies that support modern medical imaging. We can now offer those developments to the entire medical imaging community to help speed patient care paths while controlling data management costs, and ultimately help to improve patient outcomes,” said Chief Executive Officer Vishal Verma, M.D.

“Diagnostic medical imaging has a significant role in monitoring, treatment and outcomes in today’s health care ecosystem; however, current image management systems can be problematic for caregivers, hospital administrators and their patients because they often limit access to those who need images for patient care,” said Verma. “These systems can require sizeable data centers that are costly to maintain and support, and they usually dictate which technologies to buy and use, which then become obsolete shortly after purchase and implementation.”

StatRad teleradiology customers can continue to rely on the company’s industry-leading rapid turnaround times and low discrepancy rates to support after-hours coverage, help lower costs and provide better patient care for radiology groups throughout the U.S. “StatRad is recognized as a top provider in the industry, and we intend to maintain that leadership position well into the future. Built by radiologists and supported by a 20-year track record, StatRad will remain at the heart of NucleusHealth, and we will continue to market and support the brand vigorously and indefinitely,” said Claude Hooton, NucleusHealth President and Chief Operating Officer.

NucleusHealth will expand product and service offerings through licensing of its image management solutions under the™ brand. Technology licensing opportunities include software as a service (SaaS) solutions and a web-scale platform as a service (PaaS). “Launching allows us to have two independent but solidly connected and laser-focused business units under NucleusHealth to help us fulfill our mission. We are well on our way to revolutionizing the practice of ingesting, delivering, viewing, managing, storing and interpreting medical images,” explained Hooton.

More information about NucleusHealth, StatRad, our new corporate structure and medical image innovations are available throughout RSNA 2016 in Chicago at the company’s exhibit at booth No. 6701, McCormick Place, North Hall B.