StatRad’s CEO, Claude E. Hooton, Speaks on The Radiology Report

Listen in on The Radiology Report Podcast hosted by Daniel Arnold for a conversation about leadership, growth, and the future of healthcare tech with our President & Chief Executive Officer at StatRad, Claude Hooton. Whether you’re a healthcare tech leader, entrepreneur, or simply interested in the future of healthcare, you won’t want to miss this episode!


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About StatRad
StatRad provides cloud-based software to allow digital access to any medical image, anytime, anywhere. By delivering a fundamentally new way for the ingestion, exchange, storage, and interpretation of medical images, StatRad facilitates a global image exchange accessible by patients, physicians and healthcare networks. The company offers its innovative software as a service (SaaS) and as a platform (PaaS). StatRad also provides high quality interpretation of medical images through its award winning teleradiology services. For more information call us at 858-546-3800, visit, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.