NucleusHealth™ Revolutionizing Medical Image Management with Showcase of Pure Cloud Based PACS at RSNA™ has developed an advanced version of its streaming diagnostic viewer with full three-dimensional manipulation and a radiology worklist that is all accessible in a web-browser for clinical remote reading settings.


NucleusHealth, the medical image management and teleradiology services provider, today announced that its cloud-based platform has debuted major feature sets that allow the system to readily demonstrate cloud PACS functionality on a wider scale. This release will be shared with the public for the first time at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL.

NucleusHealth has harnessed its clinical expertise as the largest pure teleradiology provider in the U.S. to build an innovative cloud-based picture archiving communications system (PACS). The PACS will not only sustain and grow the company’s own practice but will allow organizations around the world to scale for the future. For over twenty years, the company forged its way ahead by moving medical imaging to the internet and eventually to the cloud with an image management solution that was launched seven years ago. Today, NucleusHealth has over 7,000 facilities using its technology for medical image management and interpretation.

Looking to the future of medical imaging, the company is debuting the first high-performance, pure browser based PACS. leverages Microsoft Azure to deliver medical images to the entire ecosystem through the cloud at the speeds of on-premise systems. This feat is achieved by combining client-side rendering and proprietary streaming technologies, solving the latency challenges associated with viewing large medical images industry-wide. premiered with image exchange and cloud archiving at the forefront but has produced a comprehensive system with a high-speed diagnostic viewer that features a web-based radiology worklist, AI integration, voice recognition and reporting, and system integration capabilities.

“NucleusHealth is excited to have reached this pinnacle with the medical image management platform. The purely cloud-based system was built with the intent to enhance the foundation in which medical images were managed by utilizing modern web techniques and applying them in a way that improves clinical workflows, and ultimately patient care. The end goal has always been more than providing an image exchange solution, but to bring a full-scale cloud PACS to the market and we’re seeing that come to fruition,” said Dr. Vishal Verma, NucleusHealth Chief Executive Officer. allows business leaders to now reap the financial benefits of moving large data assets to the cloud for archiving and to ease the challenges of integrating newly acquired hospitals while scaling for growth. Organizations can also alleviate radiologist burnout with the remote reading capabilities of This system offers radiologists and clinicians the performance they demand and the flexibility to access medical images securely, from anywhere, with nothing more than a web browser. will be featuring an enhanced diagnostic web-viewer that previews the support of three-dimensional image manipulation and mammography that is transmitted without the lag experienced with other viewers. NucleusHealth will also be demonstrating how it cooperates in the market through usage of standards to integrate with various machine learning platforms. Demonstrations of the platform and its ability to leverage modern-day technologies to empower clinicians for the enhanced care of patients will be given in the NucleusHealth booth and the Microsoft booth, No. 10745. More information will available throughout RSNA 2019 in Chicago at the NucleusHealth exhibit, booth No. 7159.

About NucleusHealth
NucleusHealth is advancing patient care through innovation in cloud-based medical image management, facilitating a global image exchange accessible by patients, physicians and healthcare networks. NucleusHealth licenses its software as a service (SaaS) and web-scale platform as a service (PaaS) technologies to healthcare organizations and companies across the globe. The company’s StatRad teleradiology service was founded in 1996, by radiologists for radiologists, and develops and implements forward-thinking solutions for radiology groups. For more information, call us at +1 (858) 251-3400, visit us at, or connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn.