NucleusHealth, a medical image management technology company and teleradiology services provider, announced their appearance inside the Microsoft Azure for Healthcare booth at the 2020 Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global Health Conference and Exhibition. The company will showcase its platform that is disrupting the imaging space with its cloud native PACS solution.

NucleusHealth chose Microsoft Azure to power the medical image management platform because of its dependable security and longstanding presence in the healthcare industry. “NucleusHealth delivers its platform via Microsoft Azure to nearly 7,000 image management organizations. Using a cloud-based platform also enables our teleradiologists to access and read 1.3 million studies per year,” says Claude Hooton, NucleusHealth President and Chief Operating Officer. “We live and breathe the solution that we provide to clients. Azure is a proven cloud provider that allows us to enhance our own cloud platform in day-to-day operations.”

“We’re pleased NucleusHealth is joining us at HIMSS to showcase how technology is helping healthcare organizations succeed in transforming patient care and their businesses. Microsoft Azure helps unify people, devices, apps and information responsibly by prioritizing compliance, security and trust,” said Gareth Hall, director of business strategy for Worldwide Healthcare at Microsoft Corp. “Companies like NucleusHealth are critical in helping healthcare organizations use technology to address industry challenges and seize opportunities to impact people’s lives in a positive way.”

NucleusHealth will be demonstrating the flexibility of its image management platform and how organizations can utilize the platform to enhance workflows, elevate user experience, reduce IT burden, and eventually replace aging enterprise imaging systems altogether. Claude Hooton, NucleusHealth President and COO will also be presenting in a Lunch and Learn session to show how cooperates in the market by enabling artificial intelligence and machine learning applications for imaging needs through the usage of standards.

The cloud-based image management platform is comprised of modular solutions. They are all completely in a web browser and provide image exchange, remote reading, downtime PACS, cloud PACS, and a platform-as-a-service for enabling medical software applications. is one of the first imaging solutions to use client-side rendering paired with proprietary adaptive streaming protocols to bypass any latency issues currently experienced with all other cloud solutions. This approach allows for the viewing of large medical images in a browser with the same performance as on-premise workstations. More information will be available throughout HIMSS 2020 in Orlando at the Microsoft Azure exhibit, booth No. 2300, Orange County Convention Center.