NucleusHealth, a medical image management and teleradiology company, debuts the next milestone in the cloud platform with their StatStream+ technology and the capability of PET-CT fusion in the cloud at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting. StatStream+ represents a major improvement over the existing StatStream technology first launched within to deliver medical images from the cloud at unprecedented speeds, pushing the envelope of what is possible for web-based medical images.

“We’ve been working on providing the next big milestone in the world of medical imaging, a performant cloud-based PACS which requires no software for our clients to download or maintain,” stated Chris Hafey, NucleusHealth CTO. “With its unique combination of optimized server-side streaming and highly parallel client-side rendering, StatStream+ is resilient to latency and other network conditions that significantly degrade the radiologist’s experience with other streaming solutions. This means that the technology enables users to seamlessly review complex medical imaging from the cloud, anywhere in the world, without sacrificing responsiveness and performance.”

StatStream+ was engineered to allow instantaneous three-dimensional manipulation of cross-sectional volumes, while preserving interactivity, providing a fluid experience for the radiologist. With StatStream+, NucleusHealth now applies their proven multi-resolution progressive streaming technology to large volumetric cross-sectional imaging, delivering industry-leading performance for demanding primary diagnosis radiology workflows.