Combatting the Radiologist Shortage

San Diego, CA- December 16th, 2021


How Hospitals are Adapting

In 2019, the U.S. Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act was submitted to Congress with the goal to support 3,000 new resident positions every year. Today, the act has increased the number of residency positions eligible for graduation school under Medicare for hospitals in rural areas and health professional shortage areas. But why are we still seeing a shortage?

The Demand for Radiologist

Hospitals and physicians’ collaboration can alleviate some of the radiologist shortages. The demand for radiologists has been increasing since the 1990s, with now the supply being lower than ever. Nationally, compensation for radiologists has increased rapidly also making it still a (likable) industry. With workloads peaking and the reimbursement staying the same, it is critical in the next few years for radiologists to improve productivity. The radiologist shortage will likely continue for 5-10 years, creating a huge deficit for many hospitals. Technology however can help with the shortage and fill a huge gap for many radiologist companies.

What AI Can Do for the Radiologist Shortage

With the expansion of artificial intelligence (AI), the medical community needs a second pair of hands to improve the shortage. The implementation of technology does not pose a threat to radiologists but can help reduce the workflow and provide a fast and efficient diagnosis. AI is a tool that can help radiologist technology in multiple geographic locations and provide the support hospitals need. AI can reduce reporting times, automate basic tasks, improve analysis, and integrate within the workflow. While AI is still in the early stages, its shown improvement in the healthcare sector and shown support for medical professionals.

The Future for Radiologists

Many hospitals have now switched to teleradiology, which allows for radiologists to read remotely, to redistribute workloads and provide quicker service. Most teleradiology companies provide coverage for the second and first shift, weekend, and vacation coverage. Radiology has been a front runner in the digital transformation of healthcare with the introduction of PACS and teleradiology for the past 30 years. With a limited supply of radiologists, they can now be more selective in where they choose to practice.


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