CASE STUDY: US Oncology Network Adopts Secure Image Management Solution

The US Oncology Network, one of the nation’s largest networks of integrated, community-based oncology practices with more than 350 sites of care and 1,000+ physicians, needed a secure image-sharing solution to work seamlessly with its existing Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS), yet be 100% compatible with systems used by referring physicians. Most importantly, the solution had to be extremely powerful, intuitive and easy to use.


RadConnect offered physicians in The US Oncology Network safe and secure access to their patients’ medical images without providing access to their PACS.

RadConnect, a cloud-based medical image-sharing SaaS solution developed by NucleusHealth, makes healthcare easier for everyone – physicians, technicians, administrators, and patients.

Unlike other medical image management technologies, RadConnect was developed by radiologists for radiologists. By understanding today’s physician and technician realities, RadConnect is optimized to only provide what’s truly needed behind an intuitive interface that’s quick and easy to learn. When supporting technology is fast, accessible, and simple to use, referring partners are more inclined to work with your organization. That drives growth potential while simplifying and securing the image-sharing process.

Plus, RadConnect is far more secure and efficient as CDs get lost, stolen, mismarked, and scratched. RadConnect can completely eliminate the cost associated with CDs (disks, employee support, courier services, etc.) while providing far more security as RadConnect’s HIPAA log follows the image path behind a secure firewall.