Case Studies and White Papers

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Campbell Hospital Study
Campbell County Memorial Hospital required a viable solution to supply the fast, relevant information their radiologists needed. With an industry-leading 0.09% discrepancy rate, extensive quality assurance, physician-to-physician communication, 24/7/365 technical support, and streamlined credentialing, StatRad gave CCMH exactly what they were looking for: a reliable, quality and custom teleradiology solution for all hours of the day. Read More


In this case study, we evaluate how StatRad maintains its position as a leader in the teleradiology services marketplace. We had the opportunity to spend time with Dr. Carrie de Moor, CEO of Code 3 Emergency Physicians of Frisco, Texas and Chairman of The ER at Craig Ranch by Code 3. Code 3 provides award winning stand-alone care by board certified emergency room physicians, specializing in using the latest technology to bring an affordable, no-wait time, service based medical practice to the community. Read More


The introduction of teleradiology services has inserted a new operational aspect to managing the private practice radiology enterprise. On one level, it is certain that the performance of the practice’s telerad group has a tangible influence on the reputation of the entire practice enterprise. Understanding this level of potential influence, it would be appealing to assert the following: if the performance of your telerad partner falls short just once, simply change to another available provider. Read More


This whitepaper concerns a hospital system’s mandate to increase productivity and service, but to do so at a lower cost basis. Predatory, corporate teleradiology groups are on the rise, and on the prowl. Medicare reimbursement rates are under constant negative pressure and largely outside of your control. Let’s face it—the private practice of radiology is being squeezed. This is not just a perception nor a passing fad, but a reality of today’s complex and changing healthcare topography. The aim of this white paper is to identify key challenges facing today’s private practice radiology groups, provide appropriate context, and ultimately offer practical solutions. Read More


Case Study Value of Preliminary Reads
“It turns out that the perceived role of the preliminary read for radiologists themselves has ultimately little to do with metrics such as turnaround times and accuracy. In fact, in investigating the perceived value of the preliminary read from the perspective of radiology groups, the most critical insight stems from the fact that the majority of groups see external telerad providers as a mere service. In doing so, they devalue the very service they themselves are offering and create their own alignment issues by minimizing the importance or impact these ‘external’ firms have on the success, or failure, of their own practice.” Read More