Three Key Ingredients for Teleradiology Success

Even being new to StatRad it is easy to see why StatRad is so sought after by groups looking to replace their current teleradiology company or the teleradiology company that acquired them.  While it seems simple, there are three very key ingredients to our success and we won’t ever compromise on a single one:


Our physicians are rigorously screened and are some of the most qualified, well trained radiologists IN THE COUNTRY.  Yes, in the country – which has become quite rare.   We have a commitment to quality radiology as a medical practice just like you, and our radiologists have a commitment to quality as individuals.  A large number of our physicians are fellowship trained in MRI by UCSD’s Dr. Bill Bradley.  Our accuracy rate in MRI is accurate to the phenomenal .003%.


Every  minute counts when it comes to patient lives.  We monitor our turnaround times to ensure they are not only the best in the business, but to ensure that they’re better than any hospital ED could need them to be.  We’re fast, but we’re also reliable.   We don’t take on business that would impede the turnaround times you expect from us.  We don’t make excuses or promises that things will improve — we don’t need to.


We love Radiology.  We are loyal to our clients.  We will not take business from you.  Not as part of an alliance, not as part of a “national radiology group,” not as part of another radiology group.  We do not place physicians on site, period.  As our client we commit this to you in writing.  Ask about our Declaration of Commitment.

If your teleradiology provider has you questioning their quality, their speed, or their loyalty please call and speak with us.  Ask yourself how many more times you can hear promises or excuses and still feel like you’re doing the best for your group and for the patients you serve.

By: Emily Crane

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