Teleradiology Turnaround Times Consistently Under 20 Minutes

StatRad believes every image / study is important. Important enough that we turn it around quickly. Our first quarter turnaround times were at an all-time record low. “We strive to get every study back to the ED in under 20 minutes because we know our clients trust us to provide the type of service they do. We really believe that teleradiology is important enough to be 100% of our job. We are not an onsite group or a PACS vendor… We just get your ED high quality interpretations in under 20 minutes – at night,” said Kevin Stinson, head of Business Development at StatRad.

In the September 2011 KLAS Teleradiology study, Teleradiology Services 2011: Times Are Changing, KLAS found that turnaround times were the biggest factor in driving success for teleradiology customers. “SATISFACTION HINGES ON TURNAROUND TIMES. Turnaround times have trumped cost as the strongest-motivating factor for teleradiology decision making.”

In the same study KLAS reported, “StatRad customers raved about the turnaround times for the ED and the ability to track their reads online.”

Actual TATs from StatRad:

StatRad TATs 2012

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