Teleradiology Technology That Works For You

Technology is certainly making the world smaller—and in teleradiology, it creates efficiencies that impact patient care. As radiology groups look to use teleradiology services to provide around-the-clock coverage to hospitals, it’s important to determine which providers are able to put technology to work for you. The key is to recognize that every practice is different. As a result, it’s imperative to assess your prospective teleradiology provider’s ability to customize its technology to meet your needs. How do you do this? The first step is to verify that the provider you’re considering owns its teleradiology software. This is important because your provider must be able to add custom features based on your business model. Certain out-of-the box platforms provide a degree of customization; however, a company that builds its technology from the ground up is able to tailor it to a greater extend—and in today’s marketplace, there’s no reason to settle for anything less.

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