teleradiology implementation


Teleradiology Implementation Process

At StatRad, the teleradiology implementation process is extremely smooth, with no administrative or technical hassles. Our staff will communicate with each of your departments every step of the way to ensure that everything is taken care of. Our staff will communicate with IT, radiology staff, the medical staff office and the Emergency Department to ensure that everything runs smoothly. StatRad will also create a customized training plan geared toward the unique needs of every customer. With proactive communication and customized training, our team works with each of your departments every step of the way. During the teleradiology implementation process, you can expect:

  • Single contact for your IT department, as well as your radiology department and medical staff office
  • Simple questionnaires sent to each department so we can collect all necessary information before recommending a customized solution
  • Regular calls or onsite visits conducted throughout the implementation process
  • Web training to get your staff comfortable and proficient with StatRad systems
  • Follow-up calls and visits to the ER and radiology department to look for potential improvements and to ensure concerns are resolved in a timely fashion

Staff Training

As part of the teleradiology implementation process, StatRad will develop a training plan customized for you and your staff. Interactive online training sessions are conducted so there is plenty of time to answer questions and provide additional information. StatRad will provide multiple sessions to meet the needs of the entire staff.

A Seamless Transition for Switching Teleradiology Providers

Switching to StatRad teleradiology services is easy. Our implementation process is built around your needs so we create a foundation for building a long-lasting partnership that yields sustainable results. With no setup fees or downtime, your teleradiology implementation with StatRad will be as smooth as possible.