teleradiology pacs


StatRad has made a significant investment in an internally developed teleradiology PACS, (StatPACS) which easily adapts to the widely varying needs of our clients. Our DICOM compliant, HL7-ready teleradiology PACS allows us to create tailored solutions to help you streamline processes, lower costs, and improve patient care. Special requests can be automated easily so hospital staff experience minimal impact on their workflow. To provide long-term value to our partners, we leverage best-in-class technologies to create the most customizable teleradiology PACS.

Customizable Teleradiology Solutions

Most hospitals and radiology groups that use an after-hours teleradiology provider have manual work processes that would benefit from automation. However, most teleradiology firms use third-party RIS and PACS that offer no customization capabilities. If the firm is willing or able to customize a RIS/PACS, the cost is typically prohibitive. In contrast, StatRad is able to customize its teleradiology PACS and processes for free.

Complete Transparency

StatRad’s online client portal puts the information you need at your fingertips. With a click of a mouse, you get immediate access to all data stored in our system, including turnaround times, study counts, and discrepancy rates. With an elevated level of transparency, you’re able to monitor us closely, ensuring you get the level of quality you and your patients deserve.

Tailored for your practice

We realize that every client is different. That’s why we’re providing a platform that makes it easy to create automated processes and streamlined workflows. With in-house developers, we’re able to add new features, create custom reports, build new workflows, and tailor report templates—all without additional cost.

Proud Partner

We proudly partner with Kakadu Software for the world’s leading JPEG2000 software development toolkit to bring our customers best-in-class technology.