Teleradiology Credentialing

Switching Teleradiology Providers

Some teleradiology providers try to take over the billing portion of a group’s practice, positioning themselves to take over the hospital contract. Other teleradiology providers send over CVs for 90 radiologists with several hundred hospital affiliations, which can quickly overwhelm a medical staff office with the credentialing process. For these reasons, many hospitals and groups we speak with are interested in switching teleradiology providers, but are concerned that making the change will take too much time or involve an element of risk. Our mission is to put control back into your hands, and we are proud to say that every facility that has switched to us remains extremely satisfied with their decision.

Teleradiology Credentialing Made Easy

It’s all about making life easy for you. Credentialing can be the most time-consuming and difficult part of the process when transitioning to new teleradiology providers, but StatRad procedures ensure the teleradiology credentialing process goes as smoothly as possible. As a Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) accredited by the Joint Commission, we help you save time and money by accelerating the credentialing process and eliminating unnecessary paperwork. Whether you’re looking to grant medical staff membership or clinical privileges, we’re able to provide you with primary source verifications, licensures, CMEs, and medical staff applications—all of which makes the teleradiology credentialing process easier than ever.

Your medical staff office will have a single contact to work with if they need any additional paperwork or signatures. Since we don’t credential every radiologist at every hospital we work with like other teleradiology providers, our radiologists do not have extensive resumes with several hundred medical staff affiliations. Whether you want to put our radiologists through the full credentialing process to grant medical staff membership or simply use our paperwork to grant clinical privileges, we work with you.