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StatRad’s CEO Responds to the ACR White Paper on Teleradiology Practice

The recently released ACR white paper on teleradiology practice is a well written article that brings up many very good points for evaluating your teleradiology service. Over the past couple of years, many groups have focused on pricing as the main factor when considering different practices. However, there is much more than money at stake when choosing a teleradiology partner. In many cases, your teleradiology service is covering your radiology department for one half or one third of the day. Making sure the same level of care is provided while you are not on site is essential to keeping the Emergency Department and the rest of the medical staff happy. Also, protecting your practice is becoming more important and should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds in any professional relationship. Read more…

You can read the original ACR White Paper here: http://download.journals.elsevierhealth.com/pdfs/journals/1546-1440/PIIS1546144013001853.pdf)

Task Force Recommendations and StatRad Capabilities

Peer Review Performed on ongoing basis with reports available through online client portal.
Ergonomic Factors Radiologists offered specialized mouse, keyboard, stands, etc.
Monitor Characteristics High caliber greyscale monitors used for those studies that require them.
Ghost Reading Never a consideration at StatRad.
Prior Images and Reports We always obtain (if possible) through query/retrieve, HL7 or manually.
Physician-to-Physician Communication Always performed and documented on critical findings and tests. Additionally, reports documenting communication available through online portal.
Turnaround Times Guaranteed average of less than 30 minutes and currently around 16 minutes.
Communication with Technologists Our radiologists are always available via the phone for questions or clarification or general patient care discussion.
General Billing Offered if we are providing final reads.
Medical Directors We have 3 medical directors to address any quality concerns.
Place of Service Integrated in our system to ease billing.
Contract Terms Existing contract already conforms to all recommendations.
Competitive Markets StatRad’s “Declaration of Commitment” has been in place for years, is on every contract and ensures you are not working with a predatory company.

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