StatRad Saves Lives

By offering teleradiology services from board-certified physicians on nights, weekends, and holidays, StatRad is providing expansive coverage to help its partners deliver better care. In fact, StatRad’s patient-centric model is actually saving lives. In a recent article published by Imaging Economics, Michael Bassett reports on StatRad’s ability to change lives through its teleradiology platform.

Making a Difference: In the article, Basset gets the inside scoop from one of StatRad’s partners about the role teleradiology is playing to enhance patient care. Referencing a specific example, Dr. Patrick Browning, Imaging Chief at Sutter Medical Group, recalled that “it was the ability and willingness of a StatRad radiologist and a Sutter ER physician to talk to each other that may have saved a patient’s life when he walked into a Sutter emergency room earlier this year.” According to Browning, “a patient about 50 years old had presented himself with abdominal pain. The emergency room physician ordered an abdominal CT, and the interpretation of that study from a StatRad radiologist had a notation that a partially visualized abnormality was possibly present in the right lower lobe of the patient’s lungs and that another CT might be worthwhile because the possibility of a pulmonary embolism couldn’t be excluded.”

“The emergency room doctor, questioning that interpretation, called the radiologist to discuss it.” After the conversation, “the physician ordered a CT pulmonary angiogram, which revealed a large right lower lobe pulmonary embolism that was the cause of the patient’s symptoms.” The attending physician in the emergency called StatRad immediately after the second study and said: “You just saved this guy’s life.” By creating a platform specifically for teleradiology, StatRad remains dedicated to helping its partners improve care and save lives—and according to Browning—it’s “the kind of difference they can make” with accurate and reliable interpretations—24/7/365.

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