StatRad Expands to Serve New States

By partnering with private radiology groups as their customers, StatRad was able to bring over 50 new facilities online and provide them with superior teleradiology service in 2011. This focus on private radiology groups allowed StatRad to expand their quality services and positively impact healthcare on a larger scale.

“Although many teleradiology providers today are taking business wherever they can, we made a very conscious choice to work chiefly with private radiology groups—a value that ultimately allowed us to provide more facilities with exceptional teleradiology service,” said Joe Moock, managing partner of StatRad. “With StatRad’s commendable team performance we’ve been able to set an even higher standard for teleradiology services while continuing to deliver the dedication to quality that our clients have come to know and respect.”

With the addition of the new facilities StatRad began providing service in nine new states. StatRad added clients in New York, Ohio, Michigan, Oregon, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Virginia, and Illinois. StatRad is pleased to be able to expand quality teleradiology to these among other states.

While expanding service to additional states, StatRad’s quality remained solid. In 2011 KLAS Research, a third-party research firm, published a study on teleradiology performance in which many vendors showed decreased performance scores from prior years while 100% of StatRad’s customers said they would choose StatRad again. “StatRad customers raved about the turnaround times for the ED and the ability to track their reads online.” Of the customers who reported that they were looking for another teleradiology company 22% cited StatRad as the vendor they were considering.
With great performance in 2011 we are excited to move into 2012.

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