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Should radiologists be compensated for reading prior exams?

Dr. Vishal Verma, StatRad’s Medical Director, says no. In fact, he says prior exams actually save time. “When I have access to prior exams, it can turn what would have been a very large report into only one or two paragraphs,” said Dr. Verma. Prior exams allow radiologists to see what conditions are chronic or previously known about, instead of seeing them for the first time on the new study.

A recent article available on*, refers to a situation in which the radiologist receives the prior exams after they have already finished their interpretation. Dr. Verma agrees this can be frustrating. “The radiologist will need to look at both studies again, and that takes time.” The radiologist might need to issue a report addendum, and that could be very time consuming.

A better solution for retrieving prior exams

“Comparison reports are invaluable to the profession,” says. Dr. Verma. “What we need is a better way to get access to them.” Up until recently, the only way to get access to those prior exams was to wait for images on CD. Now there are many companies that provide online solutions including RadConnect, a new company powered by StatRad technology.

Burning medical images on CD is not a good solution because of the time it takes to share and the effort that is often required to troubleshoot issues opening and viewing the images. Modern medicine should be better than this! RadConnect’s free, digital solution makes it easy to store and share radiology images online. RadConnect’s technology enables patients and physicians to access images within minutes through a simple email link. “This is the future of medicine,” said Dr. Verma. “Patients and providers will mutually benefit when healthcare catches up to other industries and embraces the new technologies that allow for instant access to information.”


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