Senior Automated Test Engineer

JOB TITLE:        Senior Automated Test Engineer

REPORTS TO:   Chief Information and Security Officer


In 1996 StatRad (now NucleusHealth) helped pioneer teleradiology services. In 2011 the company lead the charge to move medical imaging into the cloud with its image sharing product RadConnect deployed in Microsoft Azure. With both business segments thriving NucleusHealth looks to the future by pushing into new medical imaging frontiers utilizing modern technology and software platforms.


We embrace distributed development as a core tenant of our corporate philosophy. Our developers coordinate their work in many time zones and countries. So if you’re looking to live the life of a digital nomad from a sandy beach in Mexico or a Wi-Fi enabled hut in Thailand, this is the job for you! When a project requires collaboration, we use shared workspaces, screen sharing, and voice over the internet to enable real-time discussions. If you can find a place with 5Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload then we encourage you to go there, experience the culture, and continue to be productive when you work.


The team is embracing the latest and greatest in technology to produce medical imaging software that will revolutionize the industry. We’re fully cloud deployed, using code as infrastructure, to automate everything and do it per industry best practices with respect to security. If you want to use nginx, Meteor/Node.js, MongoDB all deployed using the latest Microsoft Azure cloud technology you’re in the right place.


We’ve got the basics covered – vacation, health insurance, 401K … but beyond that we’re offering a unique opportunity typically offered with much less mature companies: an ownership stake. Everyone that joins into the NucleusHealth team are given equity incentive options in addition to salary (rather than in lieu of it). We want you to stick around to enjoy the fruits of the success that you will help to create.


Reporting to the Chief Information and Security Officer, the Senior DevOps Engineer works to solve configuration management, authentication, and scaling problems. This is a combination infrastructure systems engineer with software development skills to enable better scaling through good tooling.


  • Develops automated tests to verify the Nucleus Platform and related software
  • Writes system integration/performance tests that demonstrates complex functionality is working in deployed system environments
  • Coordinates tool and library selections, development environment improvements, and process refinement
  • Interfaces with Platform and Product development teams to ensure proper design for automated testing
  • Mentors junior developers in software development best practices and testing methodologies via code and design reviews


  • BS in Computer Science or related degree
  • Professional software engineering experience
  • Experience as a developer in an Agile team


Our group develops in PowerShell, JavaScript, and other technologies/programming languages. Candidates for this position should have:

  • Ability to rapidly learn new technology and adapt existing skills to new initiatives
  • Experience with Cloud Development including Virtual Machine provisioning, Virtual Network configuration, and other related Cloud Provisioning activities
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure and/or MongoDB are desired but not mandatory
  • Experience with HTTP Restful API usage
  • DICOM and medical imaging software experience desired


  • Telecommute/work from your home ideally from the Twin Cities area in Minnesota
  • May require some travel to team meetings, etc.

To Apply, send resume to as a PDF.