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Radiology Patient Portals: Top 5 Benefits for Patients

With recent Meaningful Use requirements and numerous studies pointing to the fact that patients want control over their data, patient portals are becoming a must-have for radiology practices. While radiology patient portals provide many benefits to radiologists, they are also a big help for patients. Take a look at these benefits you can provide to your patients when you implement a radiology patient portal.

1.    Access Anytime

Patients have access to the portal anytime day or night and they won’t have to worry about CDs, which are often lost or difficult for patients to open. CDs typically only hold the images while the portal can also hold the report as well as other supporting documents.

2.    Ability to be More Involved

When a patient has access to their reports and images through a radiology patient portal, they have the opportunity to be more involved in their care by researching and more fully understanding their condition. Patients will be more informed about their options and better prepared for appointments with referring physicians.

3.    Communication Made Easy

It may not be necessary to schedule an office visit or request a call back for a simple question. Radiology patient portals allow patients and providers to communicate easily online. They can also share additional information like lab reports when necessary. Email communication within the portal is documented, which is much easier for doctors than remembering to document a phone call.

4.    Access to Subspecialty Experts

Radiology patient portals allow patients to share their images with any physician in the world, which eliminates any geographic distance. Patients are able to get the subspecialty expertise they need no matter where they live.

5.    Help Prevent Studies Falling Through the Cracks

Sometimes patients believe “no news is good news,” but this could be very dangerous if there was an important finding on their exam. If a patient is looking for their exam online and they don’t see it, they will likely call to follow up, which could help prevent and important report falling through the cracks. Radiology patient portals help patients to take charge of their own care and make sure they have the information they need.

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