Radiologist Responds to Claim that Teleradiology Threatens Healthcare Quality

StatRad Medical Director, Dr. Vishal Verma, Warns Against Teleradioloy Myths

In a recent article published by FierceMedicalImaging, Dr. David Levin describes why he believes teleradiology threatens healthcare quality.

“I think Dr. Levin is uninformed about modern technology in the radiology industry and clinging to myths about teleradiology,” said Vishal Verma, MD, StatRad’s Medical Director. While Dr. Verma admits that unfortunately, there are some teleradiology companies that are not providing a quality service, he also wants to spread the message that not all teleradiology is bad. “I believe we’re doing it right and I want to make sure people know that some companies are doing the right thing and providing a truly high quality service.”

There are many myths about teleradiology that continue to circulate in the industry. Visit StatRad’s website to read the Top 7 Teleradiology Myths.

“I stand behind our technology and our radiology group and the level of quality we provide to our customers,” said Dr. Verma. “I would welcome the opportunity to have Dr. Levin be part of our operations for a day or a week to see how our technology makes radiology easier and more efficient.”