teleradiology profits

Is your teleradiology provider focused on patients or profits?

The questions below can help you decide if a potential teleradiology provider is truly focused on patient care or increasing profits:

How are physicians paid?

When radiologists are paid purely based on productivity, they are being encouraged to read quickly, not accurately. When radiologists are paid on an hourly basis their compensation isn’t tied to productivity, they know they can take the time they need to produce a complete, accurate report.

Is the group publicly traded or privately owned?

Publicly traded companies are responsible to stockholders to deliver profits. Privately owned radiology groups don’t have the pressure to perform for Wall Street. Management and Radiologists that work for privately owned radiology groups can concentrate on medicine, not profits.

Is your teleradiology provider willing to go above and beyond?

When there’s an issue, your teleradiology provider should work quickly to figure out what the problem is and go above and beyond to ensure that patient care is not compromised.

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