If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

We’ve all heard this phrase too many times to count. But, it happened in the teleradiology industry just a couple of years ago. In the current era of declining reimbursements, teleradiology companies started looking for ways to increase revenue, which coincided with non-healthcare related money being heavily invested into the industry. The combination of declining reimbursements and increased investment dollars led many teleradiology providers to look for ways to “fix” teleradiology, and even drove some to start offering services that directly compete with local radiology groups.

Teleradiology was started with the clear purpose of supporting local radiologists, not competing with them. Medicine should be practiced at the local level, with support from a national vendor. Local radiology groups know firsthand the needs of their patients and hospitals. This model is not broken, so why are some teleradiology providers trying to fix it?

Is your teleradiology provider trying to fix teleradiology? Is your provider eventually going to compete with your group, or are they dedicated to supporting your practice?

By: Kevin Stinson, Director of Sales and Marketing

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