Customer Service Expectations for Your Teleradiology Provider

The quality of a customer service experience can make or break a relationship with a client. Just take a look at these numbers from The State of Customer Service, an infographic developed by ClickSoftware:

  • 86% of consumers have quit doing business with a company because of bad customer service.
  • Happy customers who get their issue resolved tell 4-6 people about their experience but a dissatisfied customer will tell 9-15 people about their experience!
  • 81% of companies with strong capabilities and competencies for delivering customer experience excellence are outperforming their competition.

What You Should Expect From Your Teleradiology Provider

As a service provider, your teleradiology practice should back up its service with the highest quality customer support. Below are 3 key aspects you should expect from your teleradiology provider:


Companies with excellent customer service begin by listening. These companies take the time to hear what their customers have to say because they genuinely care about resolving their concerns. Customers reach out because they want answers, attention to issues, solutions, and most importantly, constant improvement and advancement from their teleradiology provider. It is each teleradiology provider’s responsibility to teach its staff to take the time to listen, so the company can provide its customers with the information or solution they are looking for.

Proactive Response

Great customer service is so much more than merely fixing the current issue. When a company truly understands the full situtation and why it happened, they can work on preventing similar problems in the future.

Focus on Patient Care

Teleradiology practices must, above all, be passionate advocates of quality patient care. An integral part of quality patient care requires delivering superior customer service and timely resolution of issues. If a teleradiology provider does not stop to listen to its customer and time the time to understand what it is they really need, time is being wasted, which can negatively impact patient care.

Good customer service is incredibly important, not just for building a positive relationship with customers, but also because it impacts patient care. Your teleradiology practice should provide reliable and responsive customer service, because there is no substitute.

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