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    4 Ways Online Medical Image Sharing Makes Life Easier for Radiologists

    Image sharing can make your life easier. Of course image sharing can help you meet Meaningful Use requirements. But did you know that online image sharing technology can help you build better relationships with referring physicians? Or get a consult from a colleague in record time? Read on to learn more about some of the […]

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  • radiology patient portal

    Radiology Patient Portals: Top 5 Benefits for Patients

    With recent Meaningful Use requirements and numerous studies pointing to the fact that patients want control over their data, patient portals are becoming a must-have for radiology practices. While radiology patient portals provide many benefits to radiologists, they are also a big help for patients. Take a look at these benefits you can provide to […]

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  • Secure Technology

    4 Things Physicians Must Do to Secure Their Laptops

    Securing Physician Laptops Physicians, secure your laptop now! It only takes a second to accidentally leave your laptop in the cab or for a thief to walk away with your laptop. Not only will you have to deal with the hassle of wondering what personal documents you lost, you may have to explain to your […]

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  • teleradiology careers

    Should radiologists be compensated for reading prior exams?

    Dr. Vishal Verma, StatRad’s Medical Director, says no. In fact, he says prior exams actually save time. “When I have access to prior exams, it can turn what would have been a very large report into only one or two paragraphs,” said Dr. Verma. Prior exams allow radiologists to see what conditions are chronic or […]

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