Case Study: Reducing Radiology Turnaround Times by 50%

StatRad’s history of helping its partners generate better results is legendary—and the good news keeps coming. In December of 2010, Sutter Medical Group switched to StatRad because its previous teleradiology provider was unable to handle the medical group’s workload efficiently. The impact of the switch was immediate. With StatRad, the turnaround times were slashed by 50% and the level of cooperation and responsiveness made it easy to build a partnership around what mattered most to Sutter Medical Group—patient care.

According to Dr. Patrick Browning, Chief of Medical Imaging, StatRad “provided us with capabilities we never thought possible.” In fact, StatRad introduced “a faster, more efficient, and reliable web portal system for image transmission” while fostering “a culture of partnership and problem solving that is tuned to our needs.”

With better technology and a customer-centric approach, StatRad was able to help Sutter Medical Group deliver better care to its patients.

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