built for teleradiology

Built for Teleradiology

StatRad’s technology platform was specifically built for teleradiology. Most other teleradiology providers purchase solutions from other companies and then tweak them to work in the teleradiology environment – which often results in complicated procedures and inconvenient workarounds. StatRad’s technology is completely customizable and user-friendly.

Single Worklist

A central worklist shows all exams that have been pushed from your facility in the last four hours. Choose which exams you want us to read by completing a simple form and it’s automatically communicated to StatRad, which eliminates the possibility of exams being read twice. Everything is tracked electronically so our teleradiology system doesn’t require fax requisitions.

Online Client Portal

Our online client portal provides completely transparent reporting so you can track StatRad’s performance and ensure you get the level of quality you and your patients deserve. Every customer has access to all data stored in our system including turnaround times, study counts and discrepancy rates.

Customized Teleradiology

You’ll be amazed by what our system can do – and how easily we can make changes to customize a teleradiology solution just for you. Our DICOM compliant, HL7-ready system allows us to create tailored solutions to help you streamline processes, lower costs and improve patient care.