Benefits of Integrating Your Teleradiology Provider: Part 3

In part 1 and part 2 of this series, we talked about the staffing and IT benefits of integrating your teleradiology provider. In this third and final post, we’ll talk about holding your teleradiology provider accountantable to the same standards as your in-house radiologists. A teleradiology service that is a true partner to your practice should be held to the same standards as your radiologists – especially when it comes to their reports and communication.

Reports Customized to Your Standards

You shouldn’t have to settle for the type of reports that your teleradiology service provides. Your teleradiology service should be willing to work with you to provide the report style you want so all the reports in your practice are consistent – regardless of the location of the physician.  The format, the headings, and logos should be customizable to show the close partnership between your group and your teleradiology provider.

Open Communication

Communication in the healthcare setting is critical. You should be able to reach the right person within your teleradiology company whenever you need them – no gatekeeper, no middleman – just call them and get the answers you need. When an issue arises, you should feel confident that your teleradiology service will provide proactive communication until the issue is resolved.

When you partner with the right teleradiology service and integrate their radiologists and support staff into your practice, you can take advantage of many benefits beyond traditional teleradiology coverage. And when you hold your teleradiology partner accountable to provide the same style of reports and communication as your own radiologists, you’ll be able to provide consistently high quality care 24/7/365.

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