teleradiology integration

Benefits of Integrating Your Teleradiology Provider: Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed some of the staffing benefits of integrating your teleradiology provider into your practice. In part 2, we will talk about some of the IT benefits of integrating your teleradiology provider.

Backup Coverage for Technical Issues

What happens if your PACS goes down? Like an insurance policy that will help your department if you run into problems, your teleradiology provider should be able to offer you peace of mind on scheduled times and in an emergency. If you are experiencing problems with your PACS, you should be able to use the teleradiology provider’s PACS so you can continue to provide services without interruption.

Additional IT Support Staff

You can rely on your teleradiology service as an additional IT support team. They can offer extra help in troubleshooting firewall and network issues, PACS errors, configuring modalities and general computer support with regards to pushing images over to be interpreted remotely. Your teleradiology provider’s IT staff should be willing to support your practice however they can in the name of good patient care. Most importantly, your teleradiology service should be available to read in the event of a local PACS downtime issue.

Implementation Support

Teleradiology providers have a wealth of experience with implementations and are able to offer helpful insights into the implementation process and potential IT issues. Consider your teleradiology provider a valuable asset when it comes to choosing or implementing new technology like a PACS or speech recognition software.

Coming up in Part 3 of this series, we’ll talk about holding your teleradiology provider to the same standards as your in-house radiologists.

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