Benefits of Integrating Your Teleradiology Provider: Part 1 in a 3 Part Series

Teleradiology Isn’t Just a Faxed Report and a Phone Number

Your teleradiology service should be more than just nighttime interpretations. A teleradiology provider that is integrated into your practice can be a true partner for your practice and will allow you to take advantage of many benefits beyond nighttime interpretations.  After all, in many cases your teleradiology service is covering call for your hospital contract(s) up to or more than half of the day.

Backup Coverage for Extended Absences
Your teleradiology provider should be able to provide backup coverage in case of extended absences such as sick time, vacation, or maternity leave. The average radiologist receives about 10 weeks of vacation per year. In a small group, this can cause the work to pile up for the other physicians. If you use your teleradiology service for backup coverage, your radiologists can carry on with their regular responsibilities without getting bogged down with extra work.

Additional Coverage for Holidays
Teleradiology services can also provide extra coverage on holidays or over long holiday weekends so your physicians can enjoy some time off. Your practice should be able to rely on your teleradiology service to provide the same level of coverage on a regular night or on a busy holiday.

Second Opinions and Subspecialty Expertise
Teleradiologists can offer a second opinion for a difficult case where it might be helpful to have a physician consultation. Teleradiologists can also provide subspecialty expertise. Teleradiology providers often have a wide variety of subspecialty trained radiologists and may be able to offer some subspecialty expertise that you do not currently have within your practice.

Coming up in Part 2 of this post, we’ll talk about the IT benefits of integrating your teleradiology provider into your practice.

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