The Role of Teleradiology During Covid

San Diego, CA- June 21st, 2022   Teleradiology Teleradiology refers to the practice of a radiologist interpreting medical images while not physically present in the location where the images are generated. During the pandemic, when many radiologists couldn’t be on-site due to the lockdown or being in self-quarantine, teleradiology came to our aid letting radiologists … Continued

What is Physician Burnout Doing to You?

San Diego, CA- March 8th, 2022 The health care environment can influence healthcare professionals’ emotional and physical well-being leading to burnout. With the increase of rapid technology and globalization, employees are expected to work at a more intense and rapid pace leading to stress. Given the ever-demanding dynamic of modern hospitals, healthcare workers are faced … Continued

The Advantages of Teleradiology

San Diego, CA- January 20th, 2022 Why Turn to Teleradiology? When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it had an unprecedented impact on many radiology departments and private practices around the world. Significant fluctuation in volumes put radiology practices at financial risk though it also brought to the surface an even more important factor not always discussed … Continued

Combatting the Radiologist Shortage

San Diego, CA- December 16th, 2021   How Hospitals are Adapting In 2019, the U.S. Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act was submitted to Congress with the goal to support 3,000 new resident positions every year. Today, the act has increased the number of residency positions eligible for graduation school under Medicare for hospitals in rural … Continued

CEO & President Claude Hooton speaking at RSNA 2021!

San Diego, CA- November 15th, 2021 Claude Hooton: Strategies to Consider When Migrating to the Cloud   NucleusHealth, LLC, is pleased to announce that CEO & President Claude Hooton will be speaking at RSNA 2021. Claude’s expertise at RSNA 2021’s Corporate Symposium will take place on Monday, November 29th, at 1:30pm CT at McCormick Place … Continued

International Day of Radiology: 10th Anniversary

San Diego, CA- November 8th, 2021 10th Anniversary of Recognizing Radiology   November 8th, International Day of Radiology Since 2012, radiologists and related professionals in the field have created the International Day of Radiology for the 8th of November. This day was created after the discovery of x-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen. The Radiology Society … Continued