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4 Ways Online Medical Image Sharing Makes Life Easier for Radiologists

Image sharing can make your life easier. Of course image sharing can help you meet Meaningful Use requirements. But did you know that online image sharing technology can help you build better relationships with referring physicians? Or get a consult from a colleague in record time? Read on to learn more about some of the benefits you can expect from medical image sharing technology.

  1. Eliminate the time and frustration required to open CDs or burn CDs – A medical image sharing service like RadConnect can help you finally get rid of CDs! You won’t have to struggle to open images on hundreds of different CDs. An online medical image sharing platform allows you to easily view all images online with one username and password. You can also make it easy for your patients to view their images online—RadConnect allows you to share radiology images with a simple, secure email link.
  2. Automatic documentation of communication – Image sharing services provide automatic documentation of messages between physicians and patients. You don’t have to worry about documenting conversations separately in the patient’s chart. Every time you communicate within the image sharing system, the message and time/date stamp are also automatically recorded for future reference.
  3. Build better relationships with referring physicians – Medical image sharing technology makes it easier for you to communicate with referring physicians. You can exchange messages in a private physician-only area that can’t be seen by patients.
  4. Fast, easy online consultations with colleagues – You don’t have to wait for CDs to come in the mail or large studies to download. Image sharing technology allows you to get consultations in record time. Images are shared through an email link and you can view them right away.

Are you ready to give medical image sharing technology a try? Did you know RadConnect is free to use? With RadConnect, it’s always free to create an account and every study uploaded can be stored and shared free for 60 days. Visit the RadConnect website to create your free account and start sharing.

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