VNA Solution

3 Reasons To Switch to a VNA Solution

Are you thinking of switching to a vendor neutral archive solution? Here are three reasons why you should.


A Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) reduces migration costs and helps you get around the proprietary data storage hurdles that come from PACS systems. While many hospitals are paying $2-3 per study with their current solution, VNA solutions like RadConnect offer image storage for as little as $1 or less per study.


A VNA like RadConnect stores your data in the cloud so you’ll always be in control of your data. You won’t be tied to proprietary technology and you won’t have to worry about PACS issues – your data will be safely in the cloud and always available.


A VNA makes it easy for everyone to access the data they need when they need it. A VNA solution means you no longer need to invent a system of workarounds to access your information because it eliminates the problems associated with trying to move data between many different systems. Any department within the hospital can switch to a new system without the typical hassle associated with implementation.

Additional Incentives

In addition to the reasons above, there are government incentives that make a VNA solution the right choice. A VNA solution makes it easier for hospitals and healthcare providers to give patients timely electronic access to their health information under the Meaningful Use requirements. Government incentives are being offered to organizations that provide medical image exchange.

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