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  • teleradiology careers

    Should radiologists be compensated for reading prior exams?

    Dr. Vishal Verma, StatRad’s Medical Director, says no. In fact, he says prior exams actually save time. “When I have access to prior exams, it can turn what would have been a very large report into only one or two paragraphs,” said Dr. Verma. Prior exams allow radiologists to see what conditions are chronic or […]

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  • teleradiology stroke

    Teleradiology Services for Joint Commission Certified Primary Stroke Centers

    StatRad is experienced in working with Joint Commission Certified Primary Stroke Centers. Our team follows strict protocols to ensure we provide the highest quality service and communication with our clients. We customize the process for each stroke center to match the process that has been put in place at the hospital. Communication for Stroke Studies […]

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  • teleradiology profits

    Is your teleradiology provider focused on patients or profits?

    The questions below can help you decide if a potential teleradiology provider is truly focused on patient care or increasing profits: How are physicians paid? When radiologists are paid purely based on productivity, they are being encouraged to read quickly, not accurately. When radiologists are paid on an hourly basis their compensation isn’t tied to […]

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